In this game, your toddler will discover that the arrow keys move the on-screen caterpillar! The levels generate immediately after the caterpillar makes it to the apple, never-ending fun!

UPDATE 4/8/16 --- To create a longer path press "P" + "W" at the same time, this will bring up a prompt that asks how many moves to make. It sometimes can be shorter than what you specify, depending on the randomization, but '100' usually gets a decent-sized path! Also in this update: added other fruits to guide you to your destination, as well as a little exploding animation when you get them.

I figured since my daughter can't handle heavy gameplay elements, (and I can't handle programming heavy gameplay elements), I would start myself out small, with games she could handle!

Published Apr 08, 2016
Tagsprocedural-generation, toddler


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Awesome Job! Glad you made support for HTML5!